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CO2-free power plant at the Schwarze Pumpe industrial site

Future-proof and climate-friendly technologies underway

The objective of the oxyfuel technology is to capture and compress the CO2 liberated by coal combustion directly in the power generation process and make it available for storage projects.

The pilot plant will be designed for a thermal output of 30 MW and marks a fist step in testing the overall process and demonstrating its maturity for commercial-scale implementation.

Thanks to its broad experience and numerous reference projects, TREMA Verfahrenstechnik GmbH has been selected to design, supply and build the FLUE GAS CONDENSING unit, a unit operation that is crucial to the overall process as it directly precedes the CO2 compression step. The 4-stage TREMA process concept comprises a condenser and the gas cleaning stages for the removal of residual dust and acidic components down to levels just above the detection limits.

Factors tipping the scales in favour of the TREMA process concept included material considerations, clean gas criteria, service life and system availability.

Quelle: BTU Cottbus

The pilot plant is scheduled to go on line by mid 2008 and will be run for a period of three years to establish the design basis for the full-scale plant.

For the commercial plant as well, TREMA Verfahrenstechnik GmbH secured the order for the engineering of the full-scale condensation unit.

In this way, TREMA Verfahrenstechnik GmbH
is making its own contribution to future-proof and climate-friendly solutions for the power plant sector.

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